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This is a test application. Do not apply here - it is only used for testing.

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    • CV
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    • Bachelor’s degree mark sheet
    • Master’s degree diploma**
    • Master’s degree mark sheet
  • A minimum of 2 references letters have been received***. The reference letters must be requested through this portal by providing information of at least 2 referees (usually faculty members). We discourage reference letters from colleagues or postdocs.

*Until the application deadline, you can add/update files when editing your application, but you are responsible to ensure that the correct files are available to the evaluators.

** If you have not received your master's diploma yet, your master’s degree mark sheet is sufficient. Please add an explanation to the relevant section.

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General scientific interest

Describe your general scientific interests. What are the scientific questions that you are most passionate about? What brought you to science? Why did you want to become a scientist?

Scientific interest:

Past research experience

Please give the title and a short description of any research project carried out during your studies (diploma thesis, honours project, MSc thesis, etc.). State the rationale and goals of the research, and indicate your own contributions to the results. List publications, if any:

Research experience:

Research interest at the Biozentrum

Please have a look at the research areas described on the Biozentrum website: Research areas.

Research Groups at the Biozentrum

Please have a look at the research groups at the Biozentrum: Research groups.
Please indicate at least 8 groups you are particularly interested in, in order of priority.

Your scientific interests and the Biozentrum

Please describe how your general scientific interests align with opportunities at the Biozentrum. What topics, projects and research groups would be of interest to you and why?

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