Postdoctoral and PhD Student positions in the Group of Prof. Dr. Susan Mango (100%)

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The Biozentrum of the University of Basel is one of the leading life sciences institutes in the world. It consists of 30 groups and 500 employees that research how molecules and cells create life, spanning the scale from atom to organism. Founded in 1971, the Biozentrum has been the birth place of many fundamental discoveries in biology and medicine, spawning several Nobel Laureates.

The Mango Group is looking to recruit highly motivated PhD and PostDoc positions to join the group.

Your responsibilities

We seek motivated and skilled PhD and PostDoc candidates to study chromosome organization during development and differentiation – the 3D organization, the function of this organization and its regulation. We use a range of imaging and genomics approaches to tackle these questions using the power of C. elegans as our model system. Check us out at

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Postdoctoral applicants should have a PhD or MD/PhD with a strong foundation in molecular biology and some knowledge of bioinformatics. PhD student applicants should have an MSc or equivalent degree in the sciences and with hands on experience. We seek individuals who are enthusiastic, energetic and curious about science, and who have a critical eye towards their own and others’ research.

Previous experience in biochemistry, chromatin analysis, C. elegans, molecular biology and/or imaging are highly desirable. The role requires good organizational and communication abilities, and a talent to multi-task. The primary language of the laboratory and the Biozentrum is English.

We offer

The Biozentrum provides a highly stimulating collaborative research environment with a fantastic infrastructure in a brand-new building. We have access to core facilities with excellent PhD level staff who help the lab conduct cutting-edge interdisciplinary research. Prior trainees have gone on to top positions as faculty (for postdocs) or postdoc (for students) level.

Basel is an international city with people from 150 nations. Located on the border where three countries meet - Switzerland-Germany- France -, it is Europe’s most important life sciences hub. Basel provides a high standard of living, a multilingual population, and a rich and varied cultural atmosphere.

These positions offer an exciting opportunity for highly motivated individuals to contribute to a vibrant research community. The positions are funded. Salary and benefits are according to University of Basel standards.

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  4. List of all your publications (if applicable) and describe briefly (max 300 words) for up to 3 publications what was your role and why they are relevant for the job offer

Review of applications will start immediately and continue until the position is filled.

For more information about Biozentrum and the Mango lab, see

For further information, please contact Helen Mawer:

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