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This is the test application for the INCATE program

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Important information

This form is to capture the request for support from Start-up companies, founder teams and academic groups with an entrepreneurial spirit who would like to apply to get support from the INCATE program.

Any material provided will be treated as non-confidential.

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Contact information

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Company / Organization information

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Founder team

Please list 3-4 key people and their role in the project who will be part of the project team

Project information

Target pathogen and planned indication

Please describe your TPP briefly, addressing pathogen, indication, patient population, current SoC and why your product would be superior

Innovation Summary

if applicable: add scientific background on new agents including mode-of-action, targeted pathogens and patient population, uniqueness of innovation

Development stage (TRL) give reason for this choice

For further background on TRL in therapeutics have a look here -
For other tools look here -

Development stage:
IP situation

Is the IP, if available, fully owned (exclusive license or company’s patents)? If not, who is the owner and did you already request a license/ assignment?)

IP situation:

Please, enter your request and describe what kind of support is needed we suggest you limit this to 10k in terms of funded support


Supporting Material

You can upload any non-confidential supporting information, e.g. presentation, poster, publication for better understanding of the project/request

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